Yoga-inspired Christmas Gift Ideas

All I Want for Christmas is... Yoga

The festive season is truly upon us. If you’re a last-minute Christmas shopper like us (guilty!), save yourself a little stress by giving the gift of wellness and wisdom. Check out these yoga-themed Christmas Gift Ideas for the yogis in your life.

For the Yogi who Loves Affirmations 

Affirmation cards are a great source of inspiration for self-led meditations and journaling. They’re also super helpful for little pick-me-ups throughout the day! Invite mood-boosting moments of calm and introspection with these Mind Cards from LSW London. 

For the Yogi Seeking Good Vibrations 

If you’ve ever been to a Sound Bath, you’ll know how powerful the healing resonance can be. Experience the same restoration at home with Tibetan singing bowls. For newbies to the Tibetan Tradition, start small with Yogamatters Singing Bowls.  

For the Yogi in Need of Downtime 

Everyone needs a little downtime sometimes, even Zen masters. A comfy bolster might be the perfect reminder for that special someone to recuperate their energy with some soulful Yin or Restorative Yoga classes. We’ve fallen for these cotton Ritual Bolsters for a little added luxury. 

For the Yogi Needing Up-Time 

Props can add another layer to your asana practice, supporting trickier postures, stretching out tight muscles, and offering fun variations of familiar flows. For that yogi friend looking for some yang, help them to elevate their mat time with some added Yoga Blocks, Straps, and Wheels. Shop our full range of Yoga prop gifts

For the Yogi Who Loves a Little Aromatherapy 

When in doubt: candles. Our ability to smell is one of our most powerful senses. Gift aromatic candles and oils to induce calm, grounding energy–and make your friend’s DIY Shala smell AMAZING. Eve & Keel have concocted “balancing blends for wild-hearted warriors.” Mmm, yes–we’re in! Discover their organic blends here

For the Yogi in Need of Inspiration 

You only have to turn on the news for 5 seconds to feel disenchanted with the world. Returning to the philosophical roots of the yoga practice is a worthwhile way to remind ourselves of the beauty in the world and give us the wisdom and strength to keep going. 

Gifting a loved one a Philosophy book could bring a little light to a dark time. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living by Jane Alexander shares invaluable ways to harness ancient wisdom traditions and techniques in a modern environment. 

For the Yogi-To-Be 

We’ve all gotta start somewhere! For the yogi-to-be, give them their first-ever Yoga Mat (and potentially change their lives forever). Explore our range of sustainable, elegantly designed Yoga Mats for Christmas gift inspiration. 

To get them started, pass on our Beginner’s Guide to Yoga. We also love this Calm Club Yoga Deck, with beautiful illustrations and detailed poses to inspire and accompany their practice.