Affiliate program


The world of e-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, and with the growing popularity of yoga, it's no surprise that yoga mats have become a popular item to sell online. Our brand that has gained attention in the market for its high-quality, eco-friendly mats. To help promote our brand and increase sales, Third Eye Yoga has launched an affiliate partner program to incentivise social media influencers to promote their products to their followers.

Program Offerings:

The Third Eye Yoga affiliate partner program is designed to incentivise social media influencers with over 5,000 followers to promote Third Eye Yoga products. Partners with over 5,000 followers will receive a free mat, while partners with fewer than 5,000 followers will receive a 50% discount. In addition, all partners can earn £15 per mat sold, and will have access to a personal discount code that their followers can utilize.

Sales Tracking:

Third Eye Yoga uses the commission junction platform to track sales made by their affiliate partners. This allows them to track the performance of each partner and evaluate their success in promoting the brand. By tracking sales, they can provide feedback and additional support to partners, as well as offer additional incentives to those who perform well.

Content Creation:

Partners are strongly encouraged to create and share at least one piece of content a week promoting Third Eye Yoga products. The content could be anything from photos, videos, written blog posts, or any other creative medium the partner chooses. Partners are also asked to promote sales and other promotional activities such as prize giveaways and new product releases. By encouraging partners to create content, Third Eye Yoga can benefit from the social media presence of their partners and increase brand awareness.

Third Eye Yoga's affiliate partner program is one of many ways for e-commerce companies to increase sales and brand awareness. By offering incentives to social media influencers, Third Eye Yoga is able to tap into a new audience and build a community of dedicated followers. With sales tracking and content creation, the program is well-structured and designed to ensure that everyone benefits. If you are a social media influencer with an interest in yoga and sustainable products, becoming a partner with Third Eye Yoga may be the perfect opportunity for you to earn rewards while supporting a brand that aligns with your values.

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