Our commitment to a sustainable future



At Third Eye Yoga our products are designed by yogis and artists, our design approach is deep-rooted in principles of conservancy. Creating responsibly sourced yoga products while minimising environmental waste. Our goal is to produce high performance yoga products with an even greater purpose.  We want you to focus on you and your practise, not your products. 

Our promise

We continually strive to be better, kinder, stronger, and more conscious of our actions and their impact on the planet.

 Our approach

While we understand the unlikelihood of leaving no environmental footprint, we endeavour to be fully transparent on the choices we make and, more importantly, where we have room to improve.


We have partnered with THG (more: trees) to plant a tree for every mat sold.


Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet….

Together, we can do something about!

Carbon dioxide is one of the major drivers of climate change, therefore makes forests one of our greatest solutions.

Trees capture and absorb carbon dioxide from the air while releasing oxygen in its place. Planting trees also brings numerous co-benefits, including shelter, water filtration, biodiversity, and poverty alleviation.