About Us

Our goal is to encourage movement by creating products that lift your spirits!

A word from our Founder;

''I grew up in the suburbs of East London to 2nd generation immigrant parents. Growing up as kids my brother and I were about as hyperactive as they come, so our parents introduced us to various sports from a young age. We were fortunate we had the opportunity and after years of training and dedication professional sporting careers were on the horizon, however injuries and burn outs stopped our ambitions in their tracks. 

What to do now?

After 8 years of working in the corporate world I took some time out to heal my mind and body. I packed my bags and I was off to travel to the most remote places I could find. This is when I found yoga. It helped me regain my flexibility, strength and peace of mind. I found it to be an escape from the busy world and by the end of each session I could feel pain leaving my body. The idea of making yoga mats was initially just an experiment. One day after finishing a drawing I walked over to my yoga mat and realised it was a blank canvas. 

I am passionate about sacred geometry and have been drawing for years.  I am of mixed ethnic origins and have been inspired by Persian and Islamic art since I was a child.  There are deep meanings to geometry and it can be found in the most spiritual of places across the world.

My ambition is to share my passions with the world and feel this is the best way I can.

I wish you well and hope you too can find peace with movement and meditation.''